Our Process

What to expect once you’re ready to get started…

Improving your home is a step-by-step process that begins with and is fueled throughout by communication, collaboration and our thorough creative process. Once you’re ready to get started, this is what’s next:

  • Make an appointment to meet. We’ll send out information in advance so you can check up on us and learn a little more about what to expect.
  • We’ll come out to your home for a free one-hour consultation to get an idea of your budget, the changes you’d like to make, and answer any questions.
  • Once you sign the design/scope of work agreement, we take measurements and begin the estimating process.
  • We create computer-aided conceptual drawings of a proposed design, and send out a draft to you for review and changes.
  • You visit our office. We discuss your ideas, refine the design and show you the effect of any changes on your drawings until consensus is reached on the overall design.
  • We create a scope of work based on the design and determine a project price, keeping your budget in mind.
  • You approve the written scope of work and project price, sign the contract, and pay a deposit.
  • We schedule your project and communicate the timeline to you.
  • We get started with a pre-construction meeting between you, our project manager and our lead carpenter.

To take the next step toward your home addition, kitchen, or bath remodeling project, just give us a call at 916.686.8608.


Frequently Asked Questions

What can we do to check up on a contractor and
make sure they’re legitimate?

Ask for their contractor’s license number and check for any complaints at the State of California licensing board and with your local Better Business Bureau. Ask the contractor about their continuing education and affiliations with professional remodeling associations. Above all, ask for examples of work done, and for references.

What is the best way to approach a remodeling project?
Establishing a budget or range of budget is one of the most helpful things you can do to expedite the remodeling process. While you may not know how much remodeling costs, you more than likely have some idea of the range of what you want to/can afford to spend.

What is design/build?
The Lytle Construction design-build approach to remodeling brings together innovative design with expert craftsmanship in construction. For the advantages, click here.

What services do you offer in-house? What do you subcontract?
The majority of our remodeling services are supplied from Lytle’s in-house team, to include:

  • Design: Design consultation, conceptual drawings, budgeting, appliance/product choices, facilitation of choices.
  • BuildFraming, carpentry, roofing, custom cabinetry, tile work, solid surface counters, drywall, electrical, plumbing, appliance installation.
  • Project Management: Scheduling, change orders, budgeting, crew management.
  • Purchasing: appliances, lighting, plumbing fixtures, doors, windows, countertops, and other products.
  • We sometimes subcontract (Note: Our in-house crew would be on the job supervising the sub.)
    • Stucco
    • Shower door installation
    • Tile roofs (we do comp and shake roofs only)
    • Heating and air conditioning
    • Granite counters with edges over 3/4″
  • What difference does not subcontracting make?
    Lower costs, better quality control, faster project completion, and you know whom to expect on the job site from one day to the next.
  • How does the appliance/product purchasing process work? Do you install appliance?
    Once we understand the scope of work of your project and determine what we need to buy, our purchasing agent works directly with you to order appliances and other products and arrange for their pickup and/or delivery. We install all appliances associated with your project.
  • Once we’re ready to get started, what can we expect in terms of next steps?
    • Make an appointment to meet. We’ll send out informatin in advance so you can check up on us and learn a little more about what to expect.
    • We come out to your home to meet and get an idea of the changes you’d like to make and answer any questions.
    • Once you sign the design/scope of work agreement, we take measurements and begin the estimating process.
    • We create computer-aided conceptual drawings of a design, and send out a draft to you for review/changes.
    • You visit our office–we show you the effect of the changes on your drawings and agree on the overall design.
    • We create a scope of work and determine a project price, keeping your budget in mind.
    • You approve the written scope of work and price, sign the contract, and pay a deposit.
    • We schedule your project and communicate the
      timeline to you.

If you’re ready to get started, just contact us to answer any
further questions you may have.


“Thanks to Walt and his team at Lytle Construction, our home addition of a great room and dining room with full kitchen remodel went down without a hitch. From the planning process to the drywall and electrical to the stucco, Lytle went above and beyond to do a great job for us.

They were always on time, kept us updated on the process, never left a mess and kept our home as livable as possible. In fact, we would have hardly known the crew was even there, if not for the progress we saw every day when we came home from work.

We especially appreciated seeing the same workers on the job every day, since Walt subs nothing out. They’re a real one-stop shop. Best of all, the addition was actually completed in just 10 weeks–two weeks earlier than projected!

Lytle Construction is a fantastic company, and absolutely professional. We’re very happy with the outcome, and have already recommended them to our friends, family and neighbors. In fact, one of our neighbors saw our project being done, heard all the great things we had to say, and hired Walt to work for them, as well.”

Brian and Linda Rohmer
Rancho Cordova, California

“Lytle Construction did a great job on two remodeling projects for us–a kitchen/great room remodel, and a bathroom remodel.

We knew Lytle was different right from the very beginning. Unlike other contractors we talked to, Walt was very proactive about every aspect of the project. For instance, when we mentioned that we were concerned that a wall we wanted to remove might be load bearing, Walt was the only contractor who crawled up in the attic to check–right there on the spot. That really impressed us. He also brought out a laptop computer with a software program that took into consideration every aspect of the changes we wanted to make and really helped us to visualize the difference the remodel would make on both the house and the yard. That sold us on the project!

The best thing about working with Walt Lytle and his team is that Walt is always on the job. I really enjoyed knowing that the person I shook hands with was the one overseeing the job. That’s just the kind of guy Walt is. His word and his handshake are as good as his signature, which is rare nowadays. He is approachable, always treats us with respect and makes sure that he helps us as much as he can. To this day, Walt still asks me as he is leaving: “Is there anything else I can do for you?”

The Lytle Construction team is great, too. From Chris in the office to the guys who come out and do the work, everyone is extremely professional and hard-working and works very closely with us to make sure that we get what we want and need. That’s why I recommend them every chance I get.

The only bad thing I can say about Lytle Construction is that they are so good that they tend to book up in advance. If you think you might want to work with them–give them a call right now. You can’t go wrong!”

Larry and Sharron Forcum
Elk Grove, California

“When we first began the kitchen/great room remodel on our 1950’s home in Arden Park, our kitchen was barely functional, with only one working burner on our stove. We had no formal dining area, and our family room and kitchen were closed off from one another, and out-of-date.”

Now, thanks to Lytle Construction, we’re living with a beautiful, highly functional kitchen that flows into a comfortable, well-integrated great room and formal dining room where we love to relax and entertain our friends and family. This remodel fits in so naturally and so beautifully to the rest of our home that it seems like it’s always been this wonderful.

While we knew that we wanted a more open living space and that we were long overdue for a kitchen update, we were relatively naive about remodeling. We had no idea how much work it would take to accomplish our goals, nor did we have a realistic idea of what it might cost. Rather than saying “too bad” about our budget, Walt was very helpful in the planning and budgeting stages. He just kept working with us to come up with alternatives that were a better fit for our budget, and still met our goals for the remodel. His incredible “can-do” attitude along with his commitment to our complete satisfaction made this project a real success–and it wasn’t without a few challenges along the way.

The true test of the professionalism of a company is their response to the unexpected, and we found that Walt and his crew are true professionals. No matter how many unanticipated requests we made, and no matter how many times we had to adapt our design because of the age of the home, or the changes in building codes, they took everything in stride, and still completed the project as scheduled.

Best of all, the Lytle crew was a total pleasure to work with. They became such an extension of our family that we even had a picnic for them one day! After all, if you are going to have 4 or 5 workers tromping around your house for a few months, you want them to be people you can trust, people you enjoy and responsive people who don’t mind when you ask questions or have a concern. Lytle Construction is all of that, and more. We actually missed them when they left!

We’re proud of our home and proud to recommend our “family” at Lytle because our experience with them has been first class, all the way.”

Carol and Dale Wilkening
Sacramento, California