Make more room for what you love most about life.

Entertaining friends… exercise… rest and relaxation… no matter your reason for adding on to your home, Lytle Construction will ensure that the job gets done right the first time. And because we don’t subcontract, we also usually complete a home addition in half the time of most builders. That means you’re enjoying your home that much sooner, with less disruption.

More than two decades of design-build expertise equip us with the insight and knowledge necessary to consider every essential aspect of your new home addition:

  • Traffic patterns, ceiling heights, line of sight, exterior views, energy considerations.
  • The existing structure of your home, including the frame structure, the presence of load-bearing walls, and other critical elements.
  • How the addition will affect the resale value of your home as compared to other homes in the neighborhood.
  • The impact of the addition on the rest of your home, to include your yard, the roofline, the heating, air and electrical systems, and more…

No matter who you contract with, be sure that they begin by really listening to what you want, and not moving forward without a unified vision for the entire space. Be up front with your budget. And be sure you get to see a computerized visual of the project in advance before building begins.

To discover more about how Lytle Construction can help you with your home addition, contact us.